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12 of The Best (iPad) Kneeboards for Pilots

How do you keep checklists, notes, and flight gear organized? Instead of trying to balance everything on a clipboard on your lap, use a pilot kneeboard. Kneeboards provide a stable surface and holder for pens, charts, and other essential items. We found the best kneeboard to be the Flight Outfitters iPad Kneeboard. Need help choosing another kneeboard? Check out the rest of this guide.

Who doesn’t fly with their iPad these days? For many pilots, iPads have become an integral part of the cockpit. It’s vital that your iPad is positioned in a location where it’s both secure and easy to use. One good option is to have it strapped to your knee. Let’s take a look at some great pilot kneeboards for iPad and iPad Mini first.

Pilot Kneeboard Reviews

Best Pilot Kneeboard for iPad

1. Flight Outfitters 10.5-inch iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard

Flight Outfitters 10.5' iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard, Old Model
76 Reviews
Flight Outfitters 10.5" iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard, Old Model
  • RELIABLE: Loaded with innovative, pilot...
  • DESIGN: uses expandable loops to...
  • FEATURES: Rotating iPad cradle, mesh...

The Flight Outfitter 10.5-inch iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard is one of the largest kneeboards designed specifically for tablets. It includes metal brackets to secure the iPad to the board. It should also fit other tablets if they measure 10.5 inches. The iPad cradle also rotates, letting you instantly switch from portrait mode to landscape mode.

Besides a holder for an iPad, the kneeboard includes two side panels. The left panel has a mesh pocket for holding small items such as the iPad charger. The right panel includes a zippered pocket. The pocket is small but should hold a smartphone or notepad. It also has a spot for a couple of pens or styluses.

Flight Outfitters iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard
Editorial Team Flight Outfitters iPad Air Pilot Kneeboard
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2. ASA iPad Air Kneeboard

ASA Ipad Air Kneeboard
64 Reviews
ASA Ipad Air Kneeboard
  • Dimensions: W 7" (closed) x H 10" x D...
  • Weight: 1.30 lbs
  • Compatibility: Fits iPad Air models

The compact ASA iPad Air Kneeboard is a stylish tablet portfolio with a thick shell and soft TPU leather material. It fits the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. However, it may not work with other tablets. The leather frame that holds the tablet features cutouts that specifically fit the iPad Air devices.

The case includes a cover. When opened, the inside sleeve reveals a slim pocket for holding memos, ID cards, or small papers. It also includes a folding panel allowing you to angle the tablet at an upward angle. As with most kneeboards, it comes with a wide elastic leg band with a Velcro strap, ensuring that you get a perfect fit around your thigh.

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3. MyClipKneeboard

MyClipKneeboard - Simplest Tablet Kneeboard - Universal
449 Reviews
MyClipKneeboard - Simplest Tablet Kneeboard - Universal
  • A Pilot's Tablet Kneeboard for ALL Types
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Perfect for IFR or VFR Flight!

As the name suggests, this is the simplest tablet kneeboard. It is basically just an elastic strap with two plastic clips for securing an iPad or any other tablet or smartphone. It holds any electronic device measuring 3 to 12 inches wide. With most tablets, you can also choose between portrait mode and landscape mode. However, you need to remove the tablet to change the orientation.

The MyClipKneeboard does not have any special features, clips, or pockets for holding pens. It is just a holder for attaching a tablet or smartphone to your leg. However, some people may find this more comfortable as you do not have a thick board secured to your leg during the flight.

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4. Tikteck 9.7 Inch Tablet and iPad Pilot Kneeboard Case

9.7 inch Tablet and ipad Pilot Kneeboard case and Strap w a Screen Cleaning Cloth, fit for up to 9.7 inch ipad or Android Tablet,Like Ipad 6,not for iPad Pro
232 Reviews
9.7 inch Tablet and ipad Pilot Kneeboard case and Strap w a Screen Cleaning Cloth, fit for up to 9.7 inch ipad or Android Tablet,Like Ipad 6,not for iPad Pro
  • Elastic strap securely hold the...
  • Professional portfolio offers...
  • Fits for Full Size tablet from iPad to...

With the Tikteck 9.7-inch Tablet and iPad Pilot Kneeboard Case, you are getting a basic tablet case with a leg strap. It is one of the cheapest ways to secure an iPad to your leg for easy access throughout a flight.

It resembles a standard tablet case with a flap that protects the screen and TPU leather material. However, it does include one extra feature. You can fold the panels to angle the board upward, making it easier to view the tablet or clipboard.

The Tikteck kneeboard case holds any regular iPad or full-size tablet, including Android tablets. It should fit tablets measuring up to 9.7 inches. However, it does not hold the iPad Pro.

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Best iPad Mini Pilot Kneeboard

ipad on map
Editorial Team iPad Mini

5. Flight Outfitters iPad Mini Kneeboard

No products found.

The lightweight Flight Outfitters iPad Mini Kneeboard has several useful features that help it stand out. It includes a trifold design with narrow flaps on both sides. The left side includes a small mesh pocket for storing a charging cable, headphones, or other small items. The right side has a zippered pocket that is the perfect size for a small notepad.

The center of the kneeboard holds the iPad Mini. It includes a rotating cradle with non-slip material. You can easily switch from portrait mode to landscape mode without needing to remove the iPad Mini from the case.

It measures 6 x 8.25 inches and is built for all generations of the iPad Mini. It also holds almost any tablet measuring up to 8 inches. Other features include back padding for more support and a pen/stylus holder.

No products found.

7. Design 4 Pilots Brand Aviation Pilot Kneeboard

The stylish Design 4 Pilots Brand Aviation Pilot Kneeboard includes a flip-open case. When you close the case, you can use the exterior as a standard kneeboard. It includes a metal clip for securing charts or logbooks along with two pen holders.

When you flip open the case, you have a holder for an iPad Mini. It holds all generations of the iPad Mini and any 7- to 8.5-inch tablet. The inner sleeve opposite the iPad holder also has a plastic pocket for holding cards, notes, or memos.

The exterior features eco-friendly leather. It is durable and soft, providing a safe spot for holding your iPad or tablet during a flight. To keep the kneeboard in place, it comes with a wide Velcro strap and two anti-slip pads. The anti-slip pads keep the kneeboard from moving around as you take notes or use your iPad.

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8. Mygoflight Folio C Universal iPad Mini Kneeboard Case

The Mygoflight Folio C Universal iPad Mini Kneeboard Case is the most versatile and functional kneeboard designed for iPad Minis. The folio design holds the iPad Mini on one side and a standard VFR/IFR clipboard on the other. You can also secure the case to either leg, allowing you to use either hand for writing or working on the iPad.

Thanks to the unique design, you can rotate the iPad Mini inflight without removing the case. Easily switch between landscape and portrait modes.

Unlike some of the other iPad Mini kneeboards, this option comes with an extra-thick outer shell and an ultra-soft microfiber lining on the inside. The removable leg strap is another useful feature. After removing the strap, you can use the kneeboard as a standard iPad Mini Case. It works with any iPad Mini or tablet measuring 7 to 8 inches.

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9. AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard for iPad Mini

AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard for iPad mini
58 Reviews
AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard for iPad mini
  • Complete iPad Mini kneeboard kit - Gel...
  • Easily switch from portrait to landscape...
  • Heavy-duty leg strap material and sturdy...

The AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard for iPad Mini is a top choice for those with limited budgets. It is an affordable kneeboard designed specifically for the iPad Mini. It features a standard TPU case, providing a good combination of flexibility and support. However, it does not include any extra features such as clips, holders, or pockets.

This kneeboard simply secures an iPad Mini to your leg. It has a thick leg strap with a buckle fastener, ensuring that the strap does not come undone mid-flight. Instead of stitching the leg band to the back of the case, it secures with a Velcro strip. You can easily remove the iPad Mini from your leg if you need to inspect something up close.

The AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard case fits the latest iPad Mini and previous generations. You can use it with an iPad Mini 2, 3, or 4. It also comes with a tilt pad to angle the iPad upward for easier viewing.

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Best Cheap Pilot Kneeboards

10. ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1

ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1
853 Reviews
ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1
  • Comfortable, 1-1/2" wide elastic legband...
  • Velcro fasteners adjust without removing...
  • Pencil/pen holder within legband for...

If you want a basic kneeboard at a cheap price, the ASA Visual Flight (VFR) Kneeboard ASA-KB-1 should meet your needs. The ASA VFR Kneeboard also has important VFR information printed on the plate for quick reference, which is a great feature for student pilots.

The kneeboard includes a 6.5 x 9.5-inch baseplate with a standard metal clip for holding charts or papers. The metal clip measures 4.75 inches wide and securely holds anything that you clip underneath. You should not need to worry about papers falling out during the flight.

The durable brushed aluminum plate gives you a strong surface. It also has a 1.5-inch wide elastic band for a secure fit around your leg. The leg band has hook-and-loop fasteners for easier adjustment without removing the board. It even has a pencil holder in the leg band. With these features, the kneeboard is perfect for note-taking.

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11. ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard

ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard
424 Reviews
ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard
  • Black nylon with embroidered silver...
  • Kneeboard is 6-1/2" wide x 9-1/2" high.

With the ASA KB-3 VFR Trifold Kneeboard, you essentially get two items. The product includes a trifold sleeve and a removable kneeboard. The kneeboard is nearly identical to the ASA KB-1, made from brushed aluminum and featuring a metal clip and VFR information printed on the surface. The clipboard measures 6.5 x 9.5 inches, offering enough space for a logbook or a small notepad.

Along with the clipboard, you receive a black nylon sleeve with a trifold design. The center panel holds the kneeboard while the left panel has a pocket for holding books or small items. The right panel has a see-through plastic pocket, allowing you to add charts or maps.

The sleeve also has buttonholes so you can open just one of the panels or both. With the thick elastic leg band, you can keep the three panels secure to your leg even if you load the side pockets with heavy gear.

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Best Helicopter Pilot Kneeboard

12. Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Kneeboard

FLYBOYS Classic Kneeboard - Clipboard & Pen Holder - for Professional Pilots, General Aviation - Black
584 Reviews
FLYBOYS Classic Kneeboard - Clipboard & Pen Holder - for Professional Pilots, General Aviation - Black
  • TABLET SUPPORT: Combine the Classic...
  • FLEXIBLE: The Classic Kneeboard also...
  • DURABLE: Ultra-rugged D600 nylon fabric...

Flyboys is a name-brand manufacturer of kneeboards and other flight gear. The Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Kneeboard is one of the more versatile options, featuring a unique trifold design. The left panel has seven eyelets for securing a variety of items such as checklists, inflight guides, and charts. The right panel has a small pocket and several pen holders along with an inner sleeve.

The center panel includes a plastic strap for extra support and a sleeve with a removable plastic clipboard. The clipboard measures 6.5 x 9 inches, which is about the standard size for kneeboards. It also has a thick elastic leg band with an extra-wide Velcro strap.

A real F-16 pilot designed the F-16 Viper Kneeboard but it provides helpful features for helicopter pilots. The narrower design takes up less space, giving you a full range of movement. It also has more pockets and eyelets compared to most options.

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Pilot Kneeboard Buying Guide

Double kneeboards in cockpit
Editorial Team Double kneeboards in cockpit

What Is a Pilot Kneeboard?

Pilot’s kneeboards allow pilots to keep essential items within reach, eliminating the need to dig through a flight bag mid-flight.

The standard components of the kneeboard include a flat plate, an elastic strap, and a clip. The original kneeboards were basically small clipboards with straps for securing the board around the thigh.

Over the years, kneeboards have evolved. You can now find models with multiple wings or with pockets and extra clips for holding more items. Some of the most popular designs include cases for securing iPads and other tablets.

No matter the design, the purpose of the kneeboard remains the same. It provides a stable surface for taking notes and securing items that you need to access quickly, such as logbooks or charts.

Pilot with iPad and Kneeboard in flight
Editorial Team Pilot with iPad and Kneeboard in flight

What to Look for When Buying a Pilot Kneeboard

Kneeboards come in a wide range of styles and sizes. To find the right option, pay attention to these features:

  • Size
  • Fastener
  • Clips, holders, and pockets
  • Informational sheet

Most kneeboards are small, measuring just 4 to 6 inches wide and 8 to 11 inches long. They also come as rectangular boards or trifold boards. The trifold boards tend to include more storage and extra pockets but some pilots may find them less comfortable.

The kneeboards secure to the leg with a fastener often made with an elastic strap and Velcro. Thick straps or secure clips help keep the kneeboard in place.

The main feature of the kneeboard is the surface. Most kneeboards have a clip for securing a notepad, chart, or logbook. You can also find options with additional pockets, holders, and organizers, reducing the need to reach in your flight bag.

Many standard kneeboards include an informational sheet or engraving with flight rules and regulations. This feature is more useful for student pilots as it provides easy reference.

How to Use a Pilot Kneeboard

Most kneeboards are incredibly easy to use. The standard kneeboard includes an elastic strap that you secure around your leg. You can also typically secure it to either leg. You may find it easier to write or use a tablet when it is on the same leg as your writing hand.

To ensure that the kneeboard remains secure throughout the flight, do not attach it until seated. Place the kneeboard on your thigh and secure the straps. With most models, you can adjust the straps for a tight fit.

You can then add any items that you want to keep within reach, such as a logbook, chart, or notepad.

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